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CURAPROX Be YouToothpaste


59 SAR

Contains 950ppm Fluoride (Mono-Sodium Fluorophosphate).


So much to choose from The Curaprox 'Be You' Range.

 RISING STAR Grapefruit + Bergamot – Toothpaste to help you shine

Juicy grapefruit, invigorating bergamot – wake up your mouth, wake up your brain. It’s time to shine like a star.

PURE HAPPINESS Peach + Apricot – “Wow” for your teeth

What makes you happy? What makes you say “wow”? Subtle notes of peach and apricot. A touch of refreshing mint. Wow. Pure happiness.

CANDY LOVER Sweet Watermelon – Treat your teeth

Sweet, icy fresh watermelon. Refreshing menthol. Feel the anticipation… like a little kid looking forward to a trip to the candy store. Love life.

CHALLENGER Gin Tonic + Persimmon – Brushing the sophisticated way

Sweet persimmon fruit. A twist of juniper berry. All the fun of a gin & tonic without the alcohol. Ready to embrace the challenges of the day. 

DAYDREAMER Blackberry + Liquorice – Sumptuous luxury in a toothpaste

Dreamy blackberries meet luxurious liquorice – first thing in the morning… and last thing at night. Dream wonderful dreams.

EXPLORER Apple + Aloe Vera – Make brushing extraordinary

We explored flavor combinations. And we discovered apple, aloe vera, and fresh mint. Extraordinary. Explore the unknown… you never know what you might find.

The formula - freshness, herbs, oral health

  • Fluoride 990ppm
  • Hydroxyapatite and glucose oxidase, along with natural ingredients, ensure an enzymatic whitening effect that’s gentle on your teeth.
  • Xylitol, birch sugar, tastes sweet as it strengthens your teeth and tackles bacteria.
  • Extracts of echinacea, bitter orange, devil’s claw, and Indian pennywort support your mucus membranes and stop inflammation.
  • Plus provitamin B5, which supports the formation of new cells.
  • No SLS, no triclosan, no micro plastic.
  • RDA approx 50.
  • contain a powerful dose of menthol.

Made in Switzerland.

59 SAR
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