Tooth booth for an attractive smile

CURAPROX Implant Kit

150 SAR

The gums are very sensitive after dental surgery. CURAPROX has the right tools to help keep your teeth and implants clean and healthy, and assist your gums to recover. To make sure you are satisfied with your implant for a long time, we recommend this implant kit. It is important that you can arrange your oral hygiene in a way that is appropriate for your new implant.

Important: Random color


Implant Care Brochure “How to increase the lifespan of your implant”

Toothbrush CS 5460 ultra-soft

Toothbrush CS 1009 single

Interdental brushes CPS soft & implant

Interdental brushes CPS prime

Interdental Access Probing (IAP)

150 SAR
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