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CURAPROX Interdental Brush

31 SAR

These are the finest little brushes on the market – for the particularly easy and effective prevention of caries in the side teeth, gingivitis, and periodontitis. The quality of a CPS prime brush makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out.

Why do we actually need interdental brushes?

Because normal brushes can only reach two-thirds of a tooth’s surface. Toothbrushes clean the outsides, insides, and tops of the teeth.

But what about the sides of the teeth and the gum line between the teeth?

They cannot be reached by any toothbrush and often not even by dental floss. Caries of the side teeth, inflammation, and periodontitis can thus be caused and develop unhindered until teeth fall out. Preventing this however is easy: dentists recommend cleaning the interdental spaces once a day, best of all in the evening before brushing the teeth. This removes plaque between the teeth.

31 SAR
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