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GUM SensiVital Mouthrinse

300 ml

35 SAR

Do cold foods and drinks cause pain in your teeth? You’re probably suffering from tooth sensitivity, which means it may be time to take special care of your oral health. 

GUM SensiVital + Rinse offers quick and long-lasting alleviation from tooth sensitivity and care for your oral health. This fast-acting, long-lasting mouthwash helps protect and fortify your dentine and enamel and desensitizes your nerves.

  • Helps prevent cavities and strengthen enamel thanks to calcium and our combination of fluoride and isomalt
  • Protects and fortifies dentine
  • Desensitizes the sensitive nerve endings that are causing you pain
  • Gentle formula without alcohol
  • Anti-plaque action
  • Pleasant peppermint flavor for a fresh, clean sensation

35 SAR
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