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PUL - Cleansing Tablets

30 Tablets

55 SAR

FIZZ ME- Daily Cleansing Tablets for Aligners

  •  30 day supply
  •  Perfect for clear aligners, retainers, night guards, mouth/sports guards, TMJ, and dentures
  •  Eliminates odor-causing bacteria and germs
  •  Removes 99% of bacteria, stains, plaque, and tartar build-up on aligners in 10 minutes
  •  Gentle enough for everyday use to keep aligners crystal clear and fresh tasting

Regular use of PUL's daily aligner cleanser tablets keeps your aligners hygienic, clear, bright, fresh, and free of buildup.

Directions for Daily Use

1. Drop 1 tablet into enough warm water to cover aligners.

2. Soak aligners for 15 minutes and brush aligners with the solution using a soft brush for best results.

3. Rinse aligners thoroughly with running water. Discard the remaining solution.

4. Wear aligners.

Store in a cool, dry place


  • Keep out of reach of children and those at risk of accidentally swallowing the tablets or solution. 
  • Do not place tablet, or solution in your mouth, 
  • Do not drink cleansing solution or use it as mouthwash, 
  • Do not use If you experience irritation or accidentally ingest the cleanser, please discontinue and seek professional medical help.

Made in P.R.C

55 SAR
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